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    Porsche designed to showcase the watch collection

    Doha: At the International Watch Fair Baselword held next spring, the sports and lifestyle brand Porsche designed another new timepiece series: famous for its innovative product design, famous for its famous German brand. The new "1919 Series" is a passion for the "Chronotimer" series and is another important milestone in the history of the brand - the Bauhaus movement of architecture and design, which has had a profound impact on the company's founder, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

    While the “Chronotimer Collection” represents both dynamic and sporty, the new “1919 Series” perfectly reflects serenity, balanced aesthetics and pure minimalism, which are key factors in the Bauhaus style of international success and longevity. The collection will be launched this fall at the International Porsche Design Flagship Store and the exclusive boutique watch retailer. “Through this series, we connect the past with the future,” explains Dr. Christian Kurtzke, President and CEO of Porsche Design Group. “We use Bauhaus style as an important element of our brand DNA and celebrate the upcoming Bauhaus Centennial Celebration in 2019. I don’t know any other watchmakers can communicate these aspects with the same authenticity as Porsche designs.”

    "1919 Datetimer Series 1" uniquely applies the functional standards of modern architecture to the design of high quality timepieces. The feature gap and shape lock of the strap attachment transition to the strap adds a special lightness to the pure aesthetics. The reduced structure of the dial focuses on the display of basic information, time and date. It has four unique models, timeless elegance and handcrafted perfection, carefully designed.

    Porsche Design Enters the Fast Track with a New Generation of Watches Since Porsche designed the world's first matte all-black chronograph I for the first time, Porsche Design has revolutionized the premium watch industry for more than 40 years.

    Today, the famous innovative products showcase a new collection - the "Chronotimer Collection" - reflecting the new direction of European luxury and lifestyle brands.

    Porsche Design Watch: Reflects the car on your wrist.

    Replica Porsche Design Replica Graham's inspiration comes from cars. The original design company owned a range of products, including sunglasses and watches, created by F.A. Porsche in 1972. In the design of watches, the car theme is not new. The grandson of the legendary Porsche car manufacturer is the manufacturer of Porsche designed watches. In order to maintain the quality and richness of the car, no other name in the car world will always Bell & Ross Vintage BR 126 replica watches

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